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auxiliary equipment

  • Ultrasonic automatic membrane feeder

    Datetime:2012-06-27 Hits:1074
    Ultrasound automatic film feeder features: 1. Prevent plastic product surface scratches, scalds, welds and other defects to reduce the poor rate of efficiency. 2. Full automatic film feeder without adding any peripherals without manual operation. 3.
  • Ultrasonic diaphragm

    Datetime:2012-04-27 Hits:943
    Features of ultrasonic sound insulation box products: (1) Adopt steel frame and aluminum alloy plate design, make the whole machine reliable and effective weight reduction. (2) using high quality sound absorbing material and double noise insulation,
  • Special worktable for ultrasonic machine

    Datetime:2012-04-27 Hits:860
    Kunshan Erisheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Kunshan ultrasonic, Kunshan hot plate machine, Kunshan hot melting machine, nail burying machine, Kunshan rotary melting machine and supporting molds and fixtures.